How to Pass an Online Personality Test

When you are being considered for a job, your potential employer is eager to know among other things, whether your personality fits the job profile. They want to measure important personality characteristics such as your motivation, honesty, reliability, personal interest, customer service orientation, positive thinking, team spirit, etc. Increasingly, organizations are (rightly or wrongly) turning to online personality assessments as a means to sniff out these information about an applicant.

Most applicants casually answer personality test questions, only to realise later (when it's too late), that they could have been better prepared. Some employers will tell you there are no right or wrong answers. That is factually not true. If you don't answer the questions correctly, you are wrong and you won't be hired. Your answers will be closely scrutinized by complex computer algorithms, and any indication that you may not be a suitable candidate for the position could cause you being dropped from further consideration.

When you take a personality test, you'll notice the test will ask the same question with slightly different wording many times. This type of questioning is designed to test your level of honesty and integrity. It's very common to answer a personality test question one way, then answer differently to a similar question further down the test. That kind of of inconsistency is costly as it shows the applicant as dishonest or insincere. No employer will knowingly hire a 'liar'.

Our intent is not to show you how to 'fool' or 'trick' the personality test. We simply want to let you know how your response will be intepreted so that you can take stock of yourself and present yourself as honestly and effectively as possible. You need to understand the psychology behind the test.

For example, consider a statement like this: "I would be interested in learning how people handle stress at work." How should you answer that? If you choose "very accurate", you would appear as telling the employer you are so bad at handling stress that you need help? If you chose "inacurate", you would seem so arrogant that you think you can handle any stressful situation.

Consider this one: "Employees generally use company resources for personal gain". If you choose "inacurate", you appear dishonest or out of touch with reality. Choose "Very accurate" and you will be giving the impression that you consider it normal and are likely to do same.

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2 full-length practice tests
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