About Us

TestCentre has been setup to help Nigerian job seekers, especially graduates, prepare for pre-employment tests. Virtually all hiring companies now ask that applicants take an aptitude test as part of their selection process. These tests vary in question style and format across different companies.

We offer a series of practice tests and fully worked solutions that will get you prepared for your upcoming test. These tests approximate very closely to the actual tests you will meet on test day and are based on the question types used by the most popular test providers in the industry. We update our test questions regularly to reflect the latest trends. So by practicing with our tests, you become familiar with what to expect and you inprove your confidence as well as your test speed and accuracy.

Guaduate pre-employment tests tend to assess some abilities that you may not have exercised for a long time. So, it is important you get prepared. You can improve your scores in these tests significantly by practicing over and over with our tests. Simply seeing examples of the test you are about to sit will put your mind at ease and allow your true ability to shine.

Many graduates and job seekers are finding success by using our practice tests and we encourage you to do same and improve your chance of success.